Where is Support for Dreamweaver CS4/CS5?

Maintenance and support for ThemeDreamer has ceased. We suggest users migrate over to ServerPress.com's DesktopServer because it actually contains Open Source & communitity supported WordPress and supports Dreamweaver.

ThemeDreamer will not be updated due to licensing issues with the original authors and it's closed source code base. Compatibility stopped with WordPress 2.X, the current version of WordPress is 3.3. Existing customers can still access their original serial numbers and downloads from this site until March of 2012.

If you are looking for designer and developer solutions with WordPress and Dreamweaver, we suggest you visit here.

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ThemeDreamer can be used for a free trial period of 15 days. You must now be registered with a valid email address to download the latest beta version of ThemeDreamer. We will notify you (at your option) when new updates become available. Your email address is always protected and you can disable update notifications or change your email on your user account page.

ThemeDreamer has been verified to run on Adobe’s Dreamweaver 8, CS3 and CS4 on Windows and Mac OSX.
Installation Instructions:

  • Install the extension using Adobe Extension Manager.
  • Open a theme file’s index.php (i.e. wp-content\themes\default\index.php) in Dreamweaver (NOT index.php under root).
  • Click ‘Enable ThemeDreamer for WordPress’ from the Commands pull down menu. Ensure that you have a check-mark next to the menu item. First time installation should prompt for a trial period or serial number.
  • Enter your serial number or just click OK for the Trial period. Note the message box that appears, it will ask you to click ‘Enable ThemeDreamer for WordPress’ again or to restart Dreamweaver to complete installation and start the Design View render engine.
  • You may now press the Blue TD button in the upper right hand corner of the toolbar to toggle rendering on/off. The Blue TD render button will only enable for correctly formatted WordPress theme files.
  • Be sure to download and install ThemeServer for WordPress version 1.0 to maximize your theme development process.

Please feel free to contact us if you require support or visit our Installation Issues thread for assistance.
The current version is 1.0.1, be sure to also download our Basic Foundation Themes to get a head start in building your own theme from scratch. ThemeServer is Open Source software distributed under GPL.

ThemeDreamer 0.62 is still available here.
ThemeServer source code is available here.

Please register to download pre-built binaries for Mac OS X and Windows.

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