Where is Support for Dreamweaver CS4/CS5?

Maintenance and support for ThemeDreamer has ceased. We suggest users migrate over to ServerPress.com's DesktopServer because it actually contains Open Source & communitity supported WordPress and supports Dreamweaver.

ThemeDreamer will not be updated due to licensing issues with the original authors and it's closed source code base. Compatibility stopped with WordPress 2.X, the current version of WordPress is 3.3. Existing customers can still access their original serial numbers and downloads from this site until March of 2012.

If you are looking for designer and developer solutions with WordPress and Dreamweaver, we suggest you visit here.

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ThemeDreamer features a new Font Wizard with 50 free cross browser, cross platform, royalty free fonts to use in your themes. All fifty fonts have been tested on Safari, Chrome, iPhone, Firefox, IE 6, 7, 8 and Opera. Extend your designs beyond the limited ‘web safe’ typography and reach into new possibilities. Unlike ‘burned’ images, true cross platform font technology is selectable, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) visible and screen reader friendly. Since you host the actual font files like any other kind of linked media (jpg, gif, etc.), there is no need for cross domain scripting or monthly service fees that some other third party ‘font service’ sites advertise. Being independent of someone else’s font server also reduces security risks and the potential of down time from faulty, third party web and domain name servers.

Add cross browser fonts.


ThemeDreamer features include controls to simulate threaded comments and sidebars with widgets. The extension provides convenience features on the ThemeDreamer toolbar. The toolbar allows you to quickly toggle ThemeDreamer’s theme rendering in Design View as well as simulate various post content with images, blockquotes, ordered and unordered lists and the ‘<!–more–>’  and ‘<!–nextpage–>’ short code tags.

ThemeDreamer toolbar

This video has been updated for ThemeDreamer v.3. Split View (Design View/Code View) is displayed and you can edit a WordPress theme instantly in realtime. No server configuration is needed and you can work offline. Now you can use Dreamweaver’s powerful design tools to edit, enhance, customize and create personalized WordPress themes.

Navigate code visually and see ‘what does what’ as WordPress’s template tags highlight as you select visual elements in Dreamweaver’s design view.


Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 with the ThemeDreamer for WordPress ExtensionAdobe’s Dreamweaver CS3 using the ThemeDreamer for WordPress Extension. Dreamweaver’s Design View editor shows the WordPress theme file ‘index.php’ reflecting the content of the linked files ‘header.php’, ‘footer.php’, along with CSS styles and various WordPress Template Tag settings. ThemeDreamer simulates a typical post, and various template tag options by injecting sample data to allow you to visualize your various CSS style settings.









Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 with ThemeDreamer disabled.

ThemeDreamer can be toggled on and off with a single mouseclick to the blue ThemeDreamer icon on the toolbar. This image shows how a WordPress theme file looks without the ThemeDreamer for WordPress Extension installed and enabled. The “Not Found – Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn’t here.” prompt is  ironic as it is unaccommodating.



With ThemeDreamer installed, you can open the theme’s main ‘index.php’ file or any template page, or category page and see what additional files comprise the theme file. You no longer need to guess, split or combine various files to work on the overall theme design. You can easily work on include files and open the related native theme files by clicking in the property inspector.

Property Sheet Panel



Code Hints for WordPress 2.5.1

ThemeDreamer also provides WordPress’s Template Tags, Conditional Tags, Include Tags, Plugin Actions and Filters, as well as other WordPress APIs as Code Hints (updated for WordPress 2.5.1) in  Dreamweaver’s Code Edit window.




Code Hints allow for accelerated theme and application development by revealing Template Tag syntax and default values.

Version .2 introduces a new, faster, expanded Property Inspector that provides instant links into WordPress’s updated online reference manaul.

Version 0.2 Property Inspector

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