Where is Support for Dreamweaver CS4/CS5?

Maintenance and support for ThemeDreamer has ceased. We suggest users migrate over to ServerPress.com's DesktopServer because it actually contains Open Source & communitity supported WordPress and supports Dreamweaver.

ThemeDreamer will not be updated due to licensing issues with the original authors and it's closed source code base. Compatibility stopped with WordPress 2.X, the current version of WordPress is 3.3. Existing customers can still access their original serial numbers and downloads from this site until March of 2012.

If you are looking for designer and developer solutions with WordPress and Dreamweaver, we suggest you visit here.

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Basic Foundation Themes

New updates! Enjoy the beauty and increased readability with anti-aliased embedded font fixes on IE7 /IE8. View before/after while using Internet Explorer (thanks to allcreatives.net/jquery-plugin-ie-font-face-cleartype-fix).

The Basic Foundation Themes package is a set of six blank themes that provide developers and ThemeDreamer users a core theme to make custom theme creation easier, faster and more efficient. Each theme uses the latest WordPress API template tags and follows the standards set fourth in the official WordPress theme development guide at http://codex.wordpress.org as well as passing the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)’s validation tests  for valid XHTML and CSS 2.1 technical specifications and standards.

Change History:

  • 1-18-2010 – Updated to include anti-aliased embedded font support
  • 1-01-2010 – Updated header with IE7/8 PNG fixes

Feature Summary:

  • 100% Free GPL – No branding restrictions, take it, mod it, claim it as your own
  • Navigating stylesheet PDF ‘cheat sheet’, know where to apply styles easily
  • Fixes IE6 CSS limitations (CSS hover, focus, etc.)
  • Fixes IE6 PNG limitations (PNG support, repeat pattern, etc.)
  • W3C Validated XHTML 1.0
  • W3C Validated CSS 2.1
  • IE7/IE8 Embedded font anti-alias support

In addition to being compliant with standards, the Basic Foundation Themes also include solutions and patches for maintaining compatibility with less then satisfactory noncompliant yet very popular web browsers like Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 6. It is an unfortunate fact that one third of the web audience is still using IE6. However, by using the Basic Foundation Themes for your own custom theme development will enable you to leverage standard and elegant CSS styling attributes such as focus, active, and arbitrary tag hover behaviors and properties. You will also be able to use PNG file formats  with alpha channel transparencies to make your own custom designs pop and spring to life despite IE6’s lack of standard support for these features. Lastly, we have included a link to an external stylesheet called ie6.css to cater  specifically to the still significant volume of IE6 visitors. This stylesheet can be used to correct for issues and nuances that may arise from the lack of standards in IE6 by executing stylesheet rules specific to IE6 visitors.

Download:  http://www.themedreamer.com/Basic.zip