Where is Support for Dreamweaver CS4/CS5?

Maintenance and support for ThemeDreamer has ceased. We suggest users migrate over to ServerPress.com's DesktopServer because it actually contains Open Source & communitity supported WordPress and supports Dreamweaver.

ThemeDreamer will not be updated due to licensing issues with the original authors and it's closed source code base. Compatibility stopped with WordPress 2.X, the current version of WordPress is 3.3. Existing customers can still access their original serial numbers and downloads from this site until March of 2012.

If you are looking for designer and developer solutions with WordPress and Dreamweaver, we suggest you visit here.

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Congratulations! You’ve discovered ThemeDreamer!

WordPress theme designers rejoice! ThemeDreamer is an extension for Adobe Dreamweaver that can accelerate WordPress theme and application development by providing WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) feedback within Dreamweaver’s Design View editor in real time. Simply put, you do not need to mess with a server or even have to upload your files to see the vast majority of CSS and WordPress Template layout changes. Alterations are immediately reflected within Dreamweaver’s Design View. ThemeDreamer also puts the power of WordPress’s Template API at your finger tips by providing instant and thorough code hints.

  • New for version 1.0, ThemeDreamer Font Wizard & 50 royalty free fonts that are fully cross browser tested (iPhone, Safari, Firefox, IE, Chrome and Opera).
  • New for version 1.0, works with ThemeServer to deliver desktop browser theme preview.

ThemeDreamer started as an in-house tool for website design at Virtuosoft, owner of ThemeDreamer.com. As a Dreamweaver extension, it proved to be very useful in building WordPress themes for various clients. Virtuosoft decided to unleash this functionality to the greater WordPress community as a commercial product to better assist developers and designers globally. Also, because we love WordPress and Dreamweaver!

ThemeDreamer was developed to bridge the gap between WordPress and Dreamweaver because:

  • Dreamweaver’s Live Data / Live View (including the new CS4) doesn’t support the intricate structure of WordPress’s successful CMS to load or view theme files in Dreamweaver with WYSIWYG.
  • It is very tedious to routinely edit, split, combine, save, upload files, and refresh browsers, then repeat, (trial and error approach) just to view a simple CSS change.
  • Customizing existing theme files is faster then developing from scratch.
  • Setting up a local server for WordPress can be complex and bulky.
  • Offline development is ideal for fast, portable, simple, and quick edits.

Click here for a list of ThemeDreamer’s features that enhance development.

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